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Fitting Service

Give Your Bra a Break!

We recommend wearing your bra no more than 3 days in a row, wash and then give your bra a days rest. This gives the elastic a chance to bounce back, therefore prolonging the life of your bra.

Bra Care Instructions

We recommend hand washing your bras:

  • in a sink or basin add cold water with a teaspoon of Forever New
  • let your bra soak for 10-15 minutes
  • rinse in cold water
  • pat dry
  • then lay flat or hang to dry

For Eucalan use tepid water, squeeze soak for 15 min, no need to rinse

What should I expect from a professional bra fitting?

When you come into our store for a bra fitting, one of our professional associates will bring you into a fitting room and ask that you remove your shirt but leave your bra on. You will be provided with a wrap in the room in case you are wearing a dress. Robes are also available.

Our fitter will enter the room once you are ready and will ask what type of bra you are looking for to better understand your needs.

You will likely be surprised that we do not use measuring tapes. Whew! Why not you wonder? Well, all breasts are unique and beautiful, but breasts are not shaped the same. Some have more side breast tissue, some are full, others are more pendulous, and most of us have one that is fuller than the other. We take all of this into consideration when choosing the brand/style of bra that will work best for your shape.

How long does a bra fitting take?

The entire process can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on how many bras and styles you are looking for. A thorough fitting should never be rushed. Our pleasant and professional fitters will do everything they can to ensure you are comfortable and at ease.

How often should I have a bra fitting?

At Perfect Fit we recommend that you have a fitting at least every 6 months and also during and after pregnancy, or after significant weight loss or weight gain.

Our Fitters

Our professional fitters are trained in the shop for up to 8 months before they fit on their own. Our dedicated, professional fitters at Perfect Fit will determine your proper fit and ensure that you find a bra that feels great and looks fabulous.

Remember... it's What's Underneath That Counts