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Handmade Slippers by Greencomfort



Our felted wool shoes have a completely unique combination of the good warm properties of natural wool and the superb comfort and shock absorption of EnergySole.

The wool is hand-felted in Nepal, where the production of our wool slippers takes place. The wool is gently felted in warm soapy water. In this way, the high content of lanolin in the wool is preserved – and this ensures that the wool does not scratch and is easy to keep clean. Normally, the shoes must be maintained by brushing and airing, but they can easily withstand a wash. The production naturally takes place without chemicals and synthetic substances and provides work for a large number of women in the impoverished mountain country.

Each pair is marked with an embroidered signature so you can see who felted your new woolen shoes. Our Wool slippers are made on the wide H-last which gives plenty of room for your feet.

OBS: We recommend you go up a size compared to what you normally wear. This model has a suede sole.


Style number : WOOL 822001Q70  GREY


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